Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Navigating the Web

As if going into work wasn't hard enough, I get to weave my way through an every growing tangle of dirty sticky webbing and fight off huge ugly spiders at the office entry.  Yes, they really are HUGE.  And ugly.  God must indeed be a man because if God was a woman, she would have made spiders pink, and sparkly.  They'd live longer.

Oh, Hello!  I'm Jen.  Mom to 2 under 2 and wife of a hardworking WAHM (let's be clear, I do live in VT, but that's WAHM as in work-at-home-Man.)  I almost wrote WAHD (but that sounds like I'm calling him a name) and besides, work-at-home-dad implies that he stays at home with the kids all day.  insert laugh track 

And I guess as far as acronyms go, I'm a WOHM, but I've never been comfortable with all those titles (WAHM, SAHM, thank you ma'am.)  Whether mom or dad are working inside or outside the home, for self or for someone else, we're all working and we all have the challenges & stress that come with juggling it all.  I could go on and on and that's another story.  Wait, actually, it's the whole story.

As I was saying earlier, going to work has become an ugly struggle.  It's why I've started Faith, Hope & Laundry.  I need a place to sort it out, to escape, to inspire, to be inspired, to share, to dare!  Join me as I navigate the web.  With a lots of faith, hope, and laundry along the way!

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