Saturday, September 4, 2010


"Momfession" #1 - I'm blogging right now and the kids are not sleeping.  Usually, I reserve blogging for nap or nightime, but right now everyone is content on their own (see next momfession), so here I am.

#2 - My 2 year old is happily watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video for about the 4th time today.  Not that he has watched the whole thing 4 times, but it's been playing nearly non-stop.  Before you think I just "plopped" him in front of the TV and said, "Sit. Stay." Let me tell you, it's worse - I gave in to his constant repeating and whining, "Mickey...Mickeey..Mickeeeeey!"

#3 - Said 2 year old is not big on veggies.  He will eat the baby food jars of green beans, but rarely the "real thing."  He didn't want to eat the corn on his plate for lunch the other day, so I stirred it into his strawberry yogurt.  He scarfed it all up without even a blink.  If YoBaby Meals can add veggies, why not this mom?

#4 - This same little 2 year old LOVES juice.  And, we being naive new-ish parents, kept filling glass after glass all day long and wondering why wet poop was seeping out of his shorts on a daily basis.  Poor daycare provider kept trying to suggest we get to the bottom of it, and finally it hit me!  Maybe it's all this juice. So, now when he's screaming for juice (because he's 2 and that's what they do) I just pretend to poor the juice in his cup - and it pleases him.  I don't even take the lid off the jug or his sippy, but it works nonetheless.

#5 - Onto the baby.  I'm racked with guilt about how I ate so much junk and drank coffee throughout my pregnancy with her whereas I was sooo careful the first time around.  And I'm breastfeeding and still indulge in a cup or two a of high-test most days of the week.  If she were showing signs of it bothering her, I would quit...but she never seems bothered.

My chest feels lighter now.  Share some of your momfessions..


  1. Hiding the veggies in yogurt is a great idea. I am thankful my 2 year old loves veggies.

  2. Pretending to "Pour" the juice is so funny!

    When My girls were younger they always wanted salt and pepper on their food-we gave them their own little vintage shakers in the shapes of bananas and didn't fill them with anything. Just the motion of shaking the S&P on their food gave them delight! They would shake their bananas every night at the dinner table! How cute! lol :)

    My Momfessions- I say no tv or video games during the week and the kids hate me for it-as soon as they hit the pillows and are asleep I pop in netflix and watch tv all darn night. I am such a hypocrite! lol :)

  3. Shaking the bananas - that's too funny! I should try that with my husband since I'd like him to cut his salt intake.

    As for the TV - Mama always said, "Do as I say, not as I do!"